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Marissa Halderman

“The Epic of Evolution”

Recent mixed media and organics artwork from local

area artist, Marissa Halderman.

Despite the general tendency of the universe to move from order and structure to disorder and homogeneity, we find ourselves on a planet with a staggering diversity of complex life. However, deep history shows us that with increased complexity, comes vulnerability and fragility. The artworks in this show are a meditation on the natural world and our relationship to it as the systems that support life on our planet

precariously hang in the balance.

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January 10 through February 9, 2020


Friday January 10th,  6 - 9 pm

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Lower Level

Bruce Murray, Sr.

(1893 - 1969)

Philadelphia Photography 1913 - 1935

The photographic artwork of "The Master" Philadelphia photographer, Bruce Murray,Sr. (1893-1969).  Images of the Legends of Baseball, historical figures and events, as well as everyday people, street scenes and children.  All from the archive of glass-plate large format negatives handed down for safe keeping from grandfather, to father to son.  The images will range from years: 1913 to 1935.

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December 15 thru January 30, 2020


Sunday December 15th,  1 - 5 pm