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“Etudes on Nature”

Recent watercolor and mixed media paintings by local Philadelphia area artist, Joye Schwartz.

“Being a painter for the past 30 years, I have been enthralled with the mystique of the brush and paint. With a few strokes, objects can be implied and teased. I find nature, specifically flowers, to be fascinating in their power to capture our imaginations through beauty and color.  Nature is mundane yet miraculous. As an artist, I would like to invite the viewer to imagine what is happening in my paintings by embracing the emotionality of each piece. Much like a musical composition that inspires thoughts and memories, there is a lyrical quality to nature, always existing in harmony and combining to form an unique mellifluent dance. I am capturing through paint, this melodious act.”   Joye Schwartz

About Artist:

December 13 thru January 5, 2020


Sunday December 15th,  1 - 5 pm

3 PM demonstration of music inspired painting.

Live music provided by Natan Schwartz.

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Lower Level

Bruce Murray, Sr.

(1893 - 1969)

Philadelphia Photography 1913 - 1935

The photographic artwork of "The Master" Philadelphia photographer, Bruce Murray,Sr. (1893-1969).  Images of the Legends of Baseball, historical figures and events, as well as everyday people, street scenes and children.  All from the archive of glass-plate large format negatives handed down for safe keeping from grandfather, to father to son.  The images will range from years: 1913 to 1935.

For more info:

December 15 thru January 30, 2020


Sunday December 15th,  1 - 5 pm